Yeh Ishq Haaye: New Life, New Beginning For Manjari

Love!!! Love!!! love!!! Love at First Sight? Doest it even exist these days?

Well, first of all, I'm sorry for the long silence, it's been a long time since I share my opinion with you all, but I'm back again! In the last few weeks, Manjari's Mumbai Darsan! Finally Sanjay exposed infront of the world. Manjari came to know about the truth about Sanjay (Ranbir); now she's too determine about doing something by herself.

Sonia, Akshay too support her on this, she wants to stay in Mumbai, & wants to do a Job!!! Here is the time to face reality! Thank God! they did the same. I mean without the graduation degree how anyone expect a good job! Obviously the rejected Manjari. One of the most awkward way to showcase an ad is, while she was waiting for the interview, she was writing her dairy!!

I wonder how on earth, she even thinks that without proper degree, she will get a job, More disappointment for Akshay too, rejection as well as insult.

Now we have to see how long they will face such adversity & stay in Mumbai. Wat say guys?


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